About Us & Contact Details

N & C Baron & Associates is an Adelaide based consultancy that provides advice, training, education and support to individuals and organisations involved in aged care, health care, hospitality and tourism throughout Australia. They are specialists in developing 'good customer service delivery' practices and have helped numerous facilities to achieve their goals.

The two most relevant mottoes of this dynamic organisation are "Professional Competence with a Caring Attitude" and "Keep it Simple". They believe that making it easy for everyone helps to promote better outcomes.

N & C Baron & Associates provide a range of services at your facility on an individual or group basis. Educational workshops, seminars and planning days are presented at convenient locations.

No task is too small to be addressed or too large to be given individual attention.


CARLA BARON has spent over thirty years in various aspects of nursing from pediatrics to gerontology. She has progressed from clinical, managerial and educational practice to current involvement as a partner in an aged care focused consultancy.

A qualified aged care auditor Carla has been instrumental in helping many facilities gain accreditation through individual and group applications of sound business principles combined with adherence to best practice. Carla holds a Bachelor of Health Science (Nursing) and a Graduate Diploma of Education (Education Training of Adults) and a Certificate IV in Assessment & Workplace Training. She has been appointed to the Adviser Panel of the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing.

NEIL BARON is best described as a person full of good ideas. Never shy to engage in any activity, he has successfully incorporated a business focus in a variety of areas.

Having established and owned numerous 'small businesses' in Canada and Australia Neil understands the problems that occur on a daily basis in running an operation successfully. He has managed local, state and federal political campaigns with equal vigour.

As a mature student he successfully completed both a Bachelor of Arts and a Masters in Applied Science (Leisure Studies) with practical applications resulting in changing many existing notions on aged care. He has also studied journalism and editing and has facilitated and edited various activity industry publications. He also holds a Certificate IV in Assessment & Workplace Training. He has been appointed to the Adviser Panel of the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing.


Both are excellent public speakers that present with a relaxed and informal style that is constantly commented on in evaluations at all levels. They have presented both individually and together at conferences at State, National and International level. They are also in great demand for education sessions on a wide variety of topics. Both are authorised providers of endorsed conferences and courses by the Royal College of Nursing Australia.

TRACY BARON  Lights, camera, action are three words that encapsulate a large part of Tracy's time in converting ideas to self-learning packages. While many of us believe that making a video is simply a matter of holding the camera and shooting, the reality is much different. Tracy is behind the camera, but also ensures that the lighting and sound levels are maintained. Once the material is captured, the time consuming task of editing and creating a finished product starts. Often reducing many hours of filming into a concise ‘package' that is easy to understand and provides valuable training to aged care facilities throughout Australia.

In addition to the Self Learning Packages, Tracy has also completed several promotional videos for facilities, which highlight and showcase their homes. In the past year she has been involved in co-ordinating the Living Memories Project together with the Technology School of the Future, which has seen school children getting to know residents and filming their stories and memories.

A graduate of the University of Adelaide with a science degree majoring in zoology and psychology, she is keen to one-day shoot the definitive animal doco. Currently she is working towards a Master of Natural History Film-Making at Flinders University.


A strategic alliance has been established with a range of professional associates recognised for the high quality of their services. These include but are not limited to Clinical Specialties, Computer Systems, Financial, Food Handling, Industrial, and Occupational Health & Safety, Professional and Community bodies and Quality Assurance.

These professionals are called when required to assist either individually or in tandem with ongoing projects.