N & C Baron & Associates provide a wide range of services tailored to meet your ongoing needs.

We believe that learning is a life long experience that is necessary for all of us. Learning may take many forms and happens continuously. We all learn at different rates and times. What may be easy for one leaves another struggling in a state of frustration.

We don't believe in strict or rigid formats that must be followed by adapting your staff to them, rather we believe in making the learning suit the person and facility.

It is therefore important to tailor learning needs to the relevant individual or group. That is exactly what N & C Baron & Associates strive to accomplish. We can arrange education sessions for individuals or groups, at your facility or off-site.

Don't hesitate to discuss other topics or needs if you believe we may assist. Even if we can't personally meet your requirements, the chances are very good that we will know the person who can. We pride ourselves on associating with a range of quality service providers.

Consultation Advice Training Education & Support


Auditing - object or systems to support internal auditing
Competitive Analysis Benchmarking
Clinical and Health Care
Documentation - clinical and business
Environmental and Hotel Services
Management and Staffing Systems
Strategic Planning


Resident Focus
Admission to an ACF
Assessment and Care Planning
Common Problems of the Elderly
Death and Dying/ Palliative Care
Managing Challenging Behavior
Medication Management
Meeting Resident's Lifestyle Needs
Restraint Management

Staff and Management Issues

Computer Skills
Conflict Management
Conflict Management
Financial and Asset Management
Human Resource Management
Media Management
Performance Appraisal -Management
Performance Appraisal - Staff
Policy Development
Professional/Legal & Ethical Issues
Public Speaking
Resume Writing
Role of the Carers
Role of the RN
Strategic Planning
Stress Management


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